Straight teeth aren't an impossible dream

Uncover the Secret Sauce to Beautifully Straight Teeth

Were you satisfied with what you saw the last time you looked at your smile in the mirror? Were your teeth white or discolored? Were your teeth straight? Having straight teeth is more important than we think. Aside from the fact that straight teeth are easier to clean and better for our oral and overall…
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Can your dentist do orthodontic treatments

6 Benefits of Combined Dentist Plus Orthodontic Care in One Location

Dental Care and Orthodontic Treatments in One Convenient Location Are you tired of running all over town for dental care and orthodontic treatments? Have you been looking for a single location that can take care of all your needs? If so, we have great news for you! Our practice offers both dental care and orthodontic…
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Do you know the early signs of malocclusion

Learn If Overcrowding Teeth Are in Your Child’s Future

Protecting your child’s future oral health by watching for signs of malocclusion As your child’s adult teeth begin erupting and visits from the Tooth Fairy become more commonplace, you might begin thinking about future orthodontic treatments and wondering, “How do I know if my child will need braces?” The answer might surprise you! Even before…
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Best orthodontist in Omaha

Omaha’s Favorite Orthodontist for Children, Teens, And Adults Has It All

Orthodontics does more than improve the look of your smile. If you’re looking to straighten your teeth for a picture-perfect smile, or looking to fix your current bite, the Tooth Doc Orthodontist in Omaha, NE, has many options to help you achieve what you’re looking for. But straight teeth aren’t just about aesthetics. Read on…
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Do you have crooked teeth as an adult? Get clear aligners.

5 Things Adults Can Do About Crooked Teeth

What Adults Can Do for Crooked or Crowded Teeth Having crooked teeth is one issue that can really impact your willingness to smile. Many adults find themselves dealing with crooked teeth either because they never received orthodontic treatment as children or due to new issues arising in adulthood. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that…
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Adult orthodontic treatment

5 Reasons More Adults Are Getting Orthodontic Treatment

You’re never too old to gain a straight, beautiful, and healthier smile with orthodontics. For a long time, orthodontic treatments like braces were almost exclusively connected to teenagers. It became almost a rite of passage, something that many kids underwent on their journey to adulthood. While this association still exists, it’s no longer exclusive—not by…
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clear aligners in Omaha NE for teens

Clear Aligners in Omaha, NE: Easy Treatment for Teens

Get a Straight Smile Without Braces Straight teeth make your smile look great, but the process of getting straight teeth isn’t something everyone finds exciting. For a teen who has found out they need orthodontic care, metal braces are probably the first thing that comes to mind. They are the classic orthodontic solutions for children…
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just ask your Omaha orthodontist

5 Fast Facts About Braces and Their Impact on Your Teeth

Get the Scoop From Our Omaha Orthodontist Braces are the most popular form of orthodontic care and something we’re all accustomed to seeing on the smiles of kids and adults. But if you haven’t had first-hand experience with wearing braces, they can seem like a foreign object! If you’re about to begin your straight-smile journey…
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Adult orthodontics is in style

Adult Orthodontic Treatment: No One Is Too Old to Smile Big!

Adult Orthodontics Treatment Braces aren’t just for kids or teens! Orthodontic care is an essential field of dental care that helps people of all ages achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. You’re never too old to straighten your smile and reap the rewards of wearing braces or clear aligners. If you’re an adult…
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Orthodontic care FAQ

Why Do I Need a Retainer? And 6 Other Orthodontic FAQs

Answers to Your Braces-Related Questions Whether you’re currently wearing braces, have a child that might need braces, or you’re an adult considering straightening your smile, chances are you have some questions on your mind. Orthodontic care is very popular, but it’s also a form of dentistry that can feel a bit overwhelming when you don’t…
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