Month: July 2021

Orthodontics can correct an overbite

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Overbite Corrected

Why Bite Correction is Important Have you ever tried to drive a car when its axles aren’t aligned properly? It’s a lot like trying to function with orthodontic issues—like an overbite, which is when your front teeth overlap more than they’re meant to. After all, your car’s axles and your jaw both have ideal alignments…
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Dental care is even more important during orthodontic treatment

Why Your Teeth Need Dental Care While Wearing Braces (or Clear Aligners)

Resist the temptation to skip the dentist during orthodontic care There’s a popular saying that “teamwork makes the dream work.” This isn’t just a catchy saying. It’s also very true! It applies to many areas of our lives—including orthodontic treatment. Straightening your child’s teeth is an investment that’ll benefit them for a lifetime, but the…
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Catch gum disease in the early stages

Can My Dentist Cure Gum Disease?

Treating Gum Disease With Your Dentist Gum disease is sneaky. It’s an expert at slipping in and going unnoticed because it’s often completely painless until in very advanced stages. In fact, nearly half of all American adults who are 30 years old or more have signs of gum disease. That’s surprisingly common, right? Despite this,…
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Periodontal treatment will keep your gums healthy

Everything You Need to Know About Comprehensive Periodontal Treatment

Restore and Protect Your Gum Health with Periodontal Treatment Everything’s easier when you have a game plan. Whether it’s football, getting your kids out the door on time, or your oral health, having a game plan helps you know what steps to take next and which individual elements of your plan you should be paying…
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