Month: January 2024

New year's resolutions for better oral health.

Achieve a Brighter Smile: How to Stick to Your Oral Health New Year’s Resolutions

Ring in the new year with a new oral health routine. Many people view the new year as a symbolic start of a new goal or habit they want to achieve. If you are looking for some easy-to-keep new year’s resolutions, consider incorporating simple tasks that will enhance your oral health routine and help you…
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Reducing stress can relieve bruxism.

6 Strategies to Reduce Stress and Stop Bruxism From Damaging Your Teeth

Practice stress-reducing techniques to eliminate bruxism. Bruxism is a condition in which individuals unconsciously grind or clench their teeth throughout the day or during sleep, and though there are many potential causes behind the ailment, stress is easily one of the most prominent. That being said, should stress be the reason you grind your teeth,…
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