Month: February 2022

Straight teeth is more than just looks

10 Key Benefits of Having Straight Teeth That Go Beyond Aesthetics

Can an orthodontic dentist affect your overall well-being? Have you ever heard of the word eudaimonia? This is a Greek word philosophers often take to mean “the condition of human flourishing.” Prioritizing eudaimonia in our lives may mean we work out to be strong and hearty instead of comparing our bodies to others’. Prioritizing your…
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Orthodontics FAQ

Your Top 10 FAQs About Orthodontics

Answers to 10 Frequently Asked Orthodontic Questions Did you know that approximately four million Americans are wearing braces at any one time? And it’s not just kids who are getting orthodontics these days. Something else you might not realize is that orthodontic treatment options extend far beyond traditional braces. There is a wide range of…
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Find the best orthodontic care out there

How to Find Omaha’s Best Orthodontic Care

We don’t want just anyone doing the work when it comes to our teeth. Selecting the right orthodontist for you is a pretty big deal and shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether you’re planning to use an orthodontist for yourself or your children, you want to know that you’re getting the best treatment available at a price…
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Anyone can benefit from orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Is Effective for Children, Teens, and Adults

A straight smile starts at any age. Straight teeth and a well-aligned bite look beautiful, but orthodontics has a lot more to offer than cosmetic advantages alone. Orthodontic treatment can alleviate jaw pain, prevent teeth damage, enhance overall oral health, reduce risks of dental problems, and boost self-confidence and mental wellness. Even better, orthodontic treatment…
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Don't let gum disease take your teeth

Don’t Lose Your Teeth; Take Care of Your Gums

Prevent Gum Disease Related Tooth Loss Do you know what the leading cause of tooth loss is in adults? Many people guess tooth decay, but the correct answer is actually gum disease. More specifically, periodontitis—the most advanced form of this disease—is the most common reason for adult tooth loss. Over half of adults have some…
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Stop bleeding gums

Bleeding Gums: 5 Possible Causes and What To Do About It

How to Stop Your Bleeding Gums Have you noticed blood on your floss or pink when you spit after brushing? Bleeding gums is a frequently seen oral health issue that many adults experience. In fact, bleeding during or after flossing can be such a common problem that you might even think it’s a normal reaction.…
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