Children’s Dentistry

Your child's dentist appointment can be stress free

Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Child To the Dentist

Preparing to take your child to the dentist in those early years can come with a bit of anxiety and worry for both parents and child. Just as babies develop healthy attachments to familiar people, even younger children such as toddlers and preschoolers can react negatively to those they don’t know well. Add into the…
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Kid's visit to the dentist

A Kid’s Guide to Taking Mom and Dad to the Dentist

Have a great time during your next visit to the dentist with these helpful tips. A visit to the dentist can be really fun when you feel prepared and confident! With some practice and some helpful tips in mind, you can have a great experience at the dentist and even teach your parents some new…
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5 Ways to Make Your Child's First Dentist Visit Fun

5 Ways to Make Your Child’s First Dentist Visit Fun

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth From brushing and flossing to regular visits to the dentist, we believe it is important to establish healthy oral hygiene habits as early as possible. At the Tooth Doc, our focus is on making your little one’s visit as stress-free as possible. You, as a parent or caregiver can also…
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