Month: October 2020

When should your child get braces

Is My Child Old Enough for Braces?

Learning the Basics About Braces As your kids get older and their adult teeth begin coming in, you may start wondering whether or not they’ll need braces and when you should take them to the kids’ orthodontist. You may be able to tell that they’ll need orthodontic treatment on your own, but it’s not immediately…
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Should my child use Invisalign

Is My Child an Ideal Candidate for Clear Aligner Treatment?

Give your child a healthier, more confident smile. Orthodontic treatments provide so many long-lasting benefits for children’s oral health and confidence that they’ve practically become a rite of passage for teens and preteens. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss thoroughly, decreasing your child’s chances of growing cavities or developing gum disease, and fixing…
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