Oral Health

Protect your dental health

Can You Heal a Cavity Naturally? And 4 Other Dental Health FAQs

A cavity is one of those things that people want to avoid. But they do happen. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 90% of those aged 20 or over have had at least one cavity. And one in four adults between the ages of 20 and 64…
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What could be the cause of your tooth pain

See Your Local Omaha Dentist for These 8 Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is no joke. It keeps you from sleeping. It prevents you from focusing at work. And it just makes you downright miserable. If you are experiencing tooth pain, your Omaha dentist can help. But first, let’s discuss the reasons you might be experiencing tooth pain in the first place. Common Culprits For Your…
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Oral hygiene during flu season

It’s Flu Season: How to Take Care of Your Teeth When You’re Sick

Remember to take care of your oral health when you’re sick. Flu season is here, and we all know how the flu can wreak havoc on your body. But how do you stay on top of your oral health when you’re sick? While you’re soothing aches and pains with over-the-counter medication, resting your body, and…
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Holiday foods good for your teeth

Holidays Foods That Satisfy Cravings, and Are Good For Your Teeth!

Deck the table with holiday foods that are good for your teeth! ‘Tis the season when holidays are all around us. While there are many options for traditional holiday foods, not everything is tooth-friendly and full of the nutrients your teeth need to be strong and healthy. Read on for some holiday foods that are…
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Tooth brushing for kids

5 Signs Your Child Is Ready to Brush Their Teeth Independently

What age can children brush their own teeth? Your child’s early oral health development helps provide a foundation for lifelong oral health. There are several key areas that parents need to focus on, from making sure their child visits the dentist when they should to taking care of oral hygiene at home. At some point,…
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What is your tooth sensitivity saying

Is Tooth Sensitivity Normal? What it Might Mean if You Have Sensitive Teeth

Don’t ignore the signs of tooth sensitivity. Have your teeth recently started feeling more sensitive to hot and cold? If so, you’re probably feeling curious or even concerned as to why exactly this sensitivity is occurring.  Tooth sensitivity can range from slightly unpleasant to seriously uncomfortable, and it can be caused by a variety of…
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How to help your child brush their teeth

Help! My Child Doesn’t Want to Brush Their Teeth. What Can I Do?

How to Help Your Child Love Brushing Their Teeth Developing an effective oral hygiene routine and sticking to it isn’t always easy, even for adults. Sometimes, children and teenagers need extra help in establishing an effective routine. These simple tips can help your child brush their teeth to provide a solid foundation for their continued…
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There are financing options so you don't have to skip the dentist

Dental Care With A Wide Range of Financing Options

Have you ever thought about just how much it costs to stay healthy? Think about this: Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins tend to cost two to three times as much as other options, such as snacks and comfort-food items. Going to the doctor and the dentist can cost money too, and…
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Home remedies for a toothache

8 Things You Can Do Right Now for a Toothache

Tips & Tricks to Relieve Emergency Tooth Pain The pain of a dental emergency is never pleasant. What can you do at home to manage your discomfort before you go in to see the dentist? Here are 8 tips and tricks to help temporarily relieve the pain of a toothache.  1. Do a visual check. …
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Don't let gum disease take your teeth

Don’t Lose Your Teeth; Take Care of Your Gums

Prevent Gum Disease Related Tooth Loss Do you know what the leading cause of tooth loss is in adults? Many people guess tooth decay, but the correct answer is actually gum disease. More specifically, periodontitis—the most advanced form of this disease—is the most common reason for adult tooth loss. Over half of adults have some…
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