Month: October 2023

Survive Halloween with restorative dentistry.

October Treats and November Smiles: After Halloween Restorative Dentistry

When Halloween comes knocking, so does a mountain of candy. On average, Americans munch down about 3.4 pounds of sweets during this spooky season. The young ones dive into nearly 7,000 calories, translating to around three cups of sugar—all in just one day! It’s no secret that candy elevates the chance of cavities. The sugar…
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Is wine bad for my teeth?

Wine, Teeth, and Time: Navigating the Fine Balance for a Healthy Smile

For many, wine, a beloved indulgence, holds a significant place in our lives. With the wine market generating a whopping US$56.6 billion in 2023 and individuals spending an average of US$168.30 each on it, there’s no doubt that Americans are fond of this fermented beverage. But as we raise our glasses, a question lingers: Is…
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Get a smile makeover for the holidays.

5 Reasons to Get a Smile Makeover Before the Holidays

The holidays can be a magical time. And, a  smile makeover is like a magic touch for your grin. It’s when a dentist uses different cosmetic dentistry treatments to make your smile even more beautiful. They might fix crooked teeth, make them whiter, or fix any parts that don’t look perfect. You could get things…
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Help your dental health survive Halloween.

Surviving Halloween: 7 Tips for Maintaining Dental Health During the Candy Season

For many decades, trick-or-treating has brought joy to generations during the Halloween tradition. The goal? Gather as much candy as possible. As Americans collectively spend about $10 billion on Halloween and $102 on average on candy, a plethora of treats becomes available. But what does this mean for your children’s dental health? How can you…
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