Month: December 2021

Sleep apnea treatment will also help your oral health

Your Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Be the Key to Excellent Oral Health

The Connection Between Sleep Apnea Treatment and Your Oral Health Did you know that the average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping? That sounds like a lot, but sleep is essential for our health—we need it just as much as we need food and water. This is why sleep apnea can have such…
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Is your bite causing your problems

Can You Fix Your Bite Problems With Braces?

Improving the Appearance and Health of Your Smile With Orthodontics Did you know that the way your bite fits together can have a huge impact on not only the appearance but also the function and health of your teeth and gums? We don’t think about it often, but it’s true! Resolving malocclusion is in many…
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Healthy eating for the holidays

Christmas Survival Guide to Teeth-Friendly Eating During the Festivities

Eating to Maintain a Healthy Smile During the Holidays The Christmas season is here and that means eating decadent holiday spreads of delicious food and tasty drinks are on their way. The holidays only come once a year, and for many families, the meals and dishes we enjoy most during Christmas are also an annual…
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Enjoy Christmas without hurting your teeth

8 Tips for Enjoying Teeth-Friendly Christmas Celebrations

Can you really enjoy every aspect of Christmas without harming your oral health? For many of us, Christmas is the season cuddling up indoors with the people we love, staying snug and warm inside with hot cocoa on quiet nights… or going to parties bursting with family and friends on not-so-quiet ones. It’s the season…
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