Choose a dental crown that's a perfect fit

How to Choose the Best Type of Dental Crown for You

Find the best type of dental crown for you. Dental crowns are unmatched in their ability to restore and protect the health and function of a tooth that’s been severely damaged by injury or decay. They’re so perfectly designed for this that they can even save a tooth that you might otherwise lose. If you…
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Do dental devices work for sleep apnea

Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea: Do They Really Work?

Feel refreshed and energetic again. While some animals can go a long time without sleep—dolphins and their mothers, for example, go an entire month without sleeping when the baby is first born—we need regular sleep to stay healthy and happy. If you or your child have sleep apnea, a full night of sleep that leaves…
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Plan your dental implant consultation

What to Expect During Your Implant Consultation and How to Prepare for It

Start the restoration of your smile with a dental implant consultation. If you’ve heard of dental implants before, you may know they’re widely considered to be the best tooth replacement option out there. This makes them a great option to consider any time you need to replace a missing tooth, but we understand that dental…
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Good overall health is connected to good oral health

How to Protect Your Oral Health and Overall Health This Holiday With a Solid Oral Care Routine

3 Tips to Protect Your Oral Health During the 2021 Holiday Season With the holidays right around the corner, family calendars are starting to book up with tons of activities. From holiday parties at school and the office to church events and family gatherings, there is a lot to tackle between now and the end…
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Prevent gum disease

How to Guard Against Gum Disease This Festive Season

Oh, the holidays are quickly approaching. If you’ve been shopping recently, you may have noticed that the aisles have changed. Back-to-school supplies have disappeared and aisles are filled with Thanksgiving and Christmas delights. And with the change in season comes thoughts on how to stay healthy and fit amongst all of the sweets and delicious…
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Preparing for your child's orthodontic treatment

What to Expect During Your Kid’s First Orthodontist Visit (and After)

So you have taken the first step. You have acknowledged that your child might benefit from braces. You’ve scheduled an orthodontics appointment with an orthodontist in Omaha or elsewhere. But now you are wondering what to expect at that first visit to the orthodontist in preparation for treatment. You have many questions about orthodontic treatment,…
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Don't skip your dentist visit

Scheduling Dental Checkups: How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Our calendars sure get busy. Studies conducted in recent years indicate that many adults get as little as 26 minutes of free time each week. And, when it comes to the tasks that Americans prioritize the least, dentists’ visits and doctors’ visits are towards the top of the list. But we must find time not…
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Take care of your clear aligners

How to Care for Clear Aligners Without Disrupting Your Daily Routine

Caring for your clear aligners. For many people, one of the biggest benefits of clear aligners is that they have minimal impact on your daily life. True to their name, clear aligners are made of a transparent synthetic material that makes them nearly invisible on your teeth, allowing you to undergo treatment without the people…
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Invisalign or braces - which is better

Clear Aligners vs. Braces: Which One’s Best for Your Kids?

Choosing Between Clear Aligners and Braces for Your Child or Teen Your child or teen is getting ready to embark on an exciting journey towards a straight smile. But now you’re left wondering, “Are clear aligners or braces the right choice for my kid?” If you had orthodontic care as a child yourself, chances are…
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Dental crowns can improve your child's oral health|Dental crowns save teeth

Who’s a Good Candidate for Pediatric Dental Crowns?

Using Dental Crowns to Restore Your Child’s Oral Health Did you know that some animals go through multiple sets of teeth in their lives? Elephants cycle through six sets of molars, with their last set erupting in their forties, while sharks are famous for their ability to regenerate teeth constantly. Some sharks even develop a…
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Make oral care fun

8 Creative Ways to Improve Your Family’s Oral Care Habits

How to Make Oral Care Fun for You and Your Kids Every parent knows that a surefire trick to getting through mundane tasks with kids is to find a way to make it fun! This also applies to oral care and visits to the dentist. Early dental care habits, like twice-daily brushing, visiting a dentist…
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Tips for avoiding dental emergencies

Back-to-School Safety Checklist: Tips to Prevent Emergencies

Prevent emergencies before they happen. It’s that time of year again: the weather is starting to cool off, the breeze is slowly becoming crisp, and stores are lining their shelves with back-to-school supplies. As parents, there’s a lot to do this time of year, from figuring out your child’s schedule and buying supplies to giving…
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