Month: January 2021

Professional teeth whitening kit compared to store bought

Are Professional Teeth Whitening Kits Better Than What I Can Buy at the Store?

Maintaining the unique beauty of your smile. Your smile is one of your most unique features. No one has a smile exactly like yours—it’s just as distinctive as your fingerprints. It’s also an essential part of expressing our emotions and relating to others, leading to many studies finding that it’s one of our most memorable…
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Benefits of CEREC same day crowns

10 Benefits of CEREC Same Day Crowns

Finding a treatment that fits into your busy schedule. Modern life can be fast-paced and busy. Between work, your own commitments, and juggling your kids’ schedules, it’s easy to feel like there’s hardly any time for you to catch your breath. Setting aside time to receive a dental crown can seem downright impossible, especially since…
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