6 Benefits of Combined Dentist Plus Orthodontic Care in One Location

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Dental Care and Orthodontic Treatments in One Convenient Location

Are you tired of running all over town for dental care and orthodontic treatments? Have you been looking for a single location that can take care of all your needs? If so, we have great news for you! Our practice offers both dental care and orthodontic treatments in one convenient location. 

When dentists and orthodontists team up to offer comprehensive services that give you all the care your family needs in one place, there are a number of benefits; some hidden and some obvious. Here we talk about a few of the benefits we offer you in this partnership.

1. There’s no stress trying to find orthodontic treatment.

Of course, one of the benefits of sticking with the dental office you already know when it comes time for orthodontic treatments is that you don’t have to take the time to search for an orthodontist. Researching orthodontic providers, plus new patient onboarding, can be time-consuming processes that you won’t have to go through if you stick with the dentist you already know.

Finding a new office to handle your child’s care can be difficult and time-consuming. You’ll have to ensure that you’re finding a doctor whose work you can trust and then spend the time figuring out insurance coverage. Instead, choosing a dental practice that handles both dental and orthodontic needs is more straightforward.

2. Your children already know their dentist.

You’re not the only one who benefits from working with someone you already know! Your child will also have a better experience when it comes time for braces or other treatment if they can stay with at a location they’ve learned to know and trust.

The age for braces ranges from 7 to 14 for most children, and some kids are frightened by or uncomfortable with the prospect of orthodontic treatment. Having a familiar face handle their treatment in a familiar environment can help them remain calm and have a better experience getting their teeth straightened.

3. Your dentist knows your dental situation best.

Whenever you seek out treatment from a new healthcare professional of any kind, there is always the task of getting up to date with your medical history. That’s true for dentists and orthodontists as well. If you go to a new orthodontist for your child’s treatment, they’ll have to review their dental and medical records.

While the methods for transferring this kind of information are reliable, there’s a personal connection that can’t be conveyed with X-rays and reports. 

Your dentist really knows you and has a personal understanding of your dental situation based on your history together. So when your dental practice is able to provide orthodontic treatment, that preexisting understanding makes them the most suited to do so.

4. Stay on top of orthodontic hygiene needs.

When your child receives an orthodontic treatment, they must meet specific oral hygiene requirements. Brushing and flossing instructions need to be followed, and there may be additional instructions as well.

By choosing your local dentist office for your child’s orthodontic treatment needs, you can ensure that your child is keeping up with these requirements. 

Your dentist and orthodontist can work in tandem to ensure that your child follows guidelines. That way, your child can have the best foundation for proper oral hygiene with orthodontics.

5. Avoid expensive interventions.

A dental practice that provides orthodontic treatments could save some money and effort  in the long run. They’ll also be better positioned to recommend orthodontic treatment at the first signs that intervention is necessary. This can reduce the severity of those interventions, treatment length, and total cost needed to ensure straight teeth. Early detection of these issues can make treatment more effective and affordable than trying to correct damage after it has happened.

6. Save time by staying in one place.

Of course, by choosing a dental practice with an orthodontist on board, you’ll also have the benefit of dealing with everything under one roof. You will not need to shuttle your children to multiple locations, possibly even visiting an orthodontic office far from home. Not having to drive your children from one location to another offers both gas savings and time savings.

Using one dentist also streamlines administrative details because you’ll deal with just one office. Patient information, insurance, and other forms won’t have to be filled out in duplicate because you’ll be working with a single practice. 

Given the amount of information and the number of details needed for most orthodontic treatments, this can save a lot of time too!

Dental and Orthodontic Care in Omaha, NE

With dentists and an orthodontist in one convenient location, the Tooth Doc can provide you and your family with all of your dental needs. This includes orthodontic treatments like traditional braces as well as clear aligners, just as virtually invisible as Invisalign. So if you want a dental office that can handle all of your needs, contact the Tooth Doc to schedule an appointment.