Month: February 2020

child's orthodontic care

How Soon Should My Child Have an Orthodontic Evaluation?

Answering Your 8 Common Questions About Your Child’s 1st Orthodontist Visit Over 4 million Americans wear braces, with most of these individuals being kids and teenagers. For some families, a child growing up and getting braces is even seen as a rite of passage. But for other families new to the scene, figuring out if…
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dental crowns

How Implants, Bridges, and Crowns Can Change Your Smile

Treatments like dental crowns, implants, and bridges are all great ways to repair and renew your smile, but each has slightly different uses and benefits. Here’s how each of these treatments may be able to transform your smile.
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dental emergency services

How Do I Prepare for a Dental Emergency?

Taking a few steps to prepare for a dental emergency can help you remain calm, make the right decisions, and protect your oral health. Make sure you have an emergency dentist’s number programmed in your phone, so you can be ready to call when needed.
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