Does your child need interceptive orthodontics

Concerned About Your Child’s Bite? Learn About Interceptive Orthodontics

Getting braces can seem like a right of passage or coming of age occurrence for pre-adolescents and teenagers. And kids can need braces or orthodontics for various reasons, including crooked, overlapping, overcrowded teeth, or malocclusion. However, with interceptive orthodontics, parents can help get their kids ahead of the game, lessening the length of treatment that…
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The Tooth Doc gives patient-centered orthodontics

What Does a Patient-Centered Approach to Orthodontics Look Like?

When we go to the doctor, we want to ensure they listen to us and take our needs and concerns seriously. It’s no different when going to the dentist, especially when discussing orthodontics. And for this reason, the concept of a patient-centered approach to orthodontics has become increasingly commonplace. For a good cause, too, as…
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Straight teeth is more than just looks

10 Key Benefits of Having Straight Teeth That Go Beyond Aesthetics

Can an orthodontic dentist affect your overall well-being? Have you ever heard of the word eudaimonia? This is a Greek word philosophers often take to mean “the condition of human flourishing.” Prioritizing eudaimonia in our lives may mean we work out to be strong and hearty instead of comparing our bodies to others’. Prioritizing your…
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Orthodontics FAQ

Your Top 10 FAQs About Orthodontics

Answers to 10 Frequently Asked Orthodontic Questions Did you know that approximately four million Americans are wearing braces at any one time? And it’s not just kids who are getting orthodontics these days. Something else you might not realize is that orthodontic treatment options extend far beyond traditional braces. There is a wide range of…
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Anyone can benefit from orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Is Effective for Children, Teens, and Adults

A straight smile starts at any age. Straight teeth and a well-aligned bite look beautiful, but orthodontics has a lot more to offer than cosmetic advantages alone. Orthodontic treatment can alleviate jaw pain, prevent teeth damage, enhance overall oral health, reduce risks of dental problems, and boost self-confidence and mental wellness. Even better, orthodontic treatment…
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Is your bite causing your problems

Can You Fix Your Bite Problems With Braces?

Improving the Appearance and Health of Your Smile With Orthodontics Did you know that the way your bite fits together can have a huge impact on not only the appearance but also the function and health of your teeth and gums? We don’t think about it often, but it’s true! Resolving malocclusion is in many…
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Preparing for your child's orthodontic treatment

What to Expect During Your Kid’s First Orthodontist Visit (and After)

So you have taken the first step. You have acknowledged that your child might benefit from braces. You’ve scheduled an orthodontics appointment with an orthodontist in Omaha or elsewhere. But now you are wondering what to expect at that first visit to the orthodontist in preparation for treatment. You have many questions about orthodontic treatment,…
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Take care of your clear aligners

How to Care for Clear Aligners Without Disrupting Your Daily Routine

Caring for your clear aligners. For many people, one of the biggest benefits of clear aligners is that they have minimal impact on your daily life. True to their name, clear aligners are made of a transparent synthetic material that makes them nearly invisible on your teeth, allowing you to undergo treatment without the people…
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Invisalign or braces - which is better

Clear Aligners vs. Braces: Which One’s Best for Your Kids?

Choosing Between Clear Aligners and Braces for Your Child or Teen Your child or teen is getting ready to embark on an exciting journey towards a straight smile. But now you’re left wondering, “Are clear aligners or braces the right choice for my kid?” If you had orthodontic care as a child yourself, chances are…
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Orthodontics can correct an overbite

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Overbite Corrected

Why Bite Correction is Important Have you ever tried to drive a car when its axles aren’t aligned properly? It’s a lot like trying to function with orthodontic issues—like an overbite, which is when your front teeth overlap more than they’re meant to. After all, your car’s axles and your jaw both have ideal alignments…
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