Month: July 2022

Do you have crooked teeth as an adult? Get clear aligners.

5 Things Adults Can Do About Crooked Teeth

What Adults Can Do for Crooked or Crowded Teeth Having crooked teeth is one issue that can really impact your willingness to smile. Many adults find themselves dealing with crooked teeth either because they never received orthodontic treatment as children or due to new issues arising in adulthood. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that…
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Dental health worksheets for kids

25 and More Resources and Activities for Teaching Children About Their Teeth

It’s never too early to teach a child about their teeth and how to keep a healthy smile. While many dentists recommend a child visit the dentist for the first time before their first birthday, many parents aren’t sure of how to explain all the benefits of great oral health hygiene to their little ones.…
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How does a dentist treat a cavity

Fillings vs. Inlays and Onlays: A Thorough Comparison

Solutions for Repairing Decayed Teeth One thing no one wants to hear from their dentist is, “You’ve got a cavity.” But the good news is finding out you have a cavity is the necessary first step before taking action to repair the damage and prevent future decay from occurring. After you and your dentist have…
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Adult orthodontic treatment

5 Reasons More Adults Are Getting Orthodontic Treatment

You’re never too old to gain a straight, beautiful, and healthier smile with orthodontics. For a long time, orthodontic treatments like braces were almost exclusively connected to teenagers. It became almost a rite of passage, something that many kids underwent on their journey to adulthood. While this association still exists, it’s no longer exclusive—not by…
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