Month: November 2021

Choose a dental crown that's a perfect fit

How to Choose the Best Type of Dental Crown for You

Find the best type of dental crown for you. Dental crowns are unmatched in their ability to restore and protect the health and function of a tooth that’s been severely damaged by injury or decay. They’re so perfectly designed for this that they can even save a tooth that you might otherwise lose. If you…
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Do dental devices work for sleep apnea

Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea: Do They Really Work?

Feel refreshed and energetic again. While some animals can go a long time without sleep—dolphins and their mothers, for example, go an entire month without sleeping when the baby is first born—we need regular sleep to stay healthy and happy. If you or your child have sleep apnea, a full night of sleep that leaves…
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Plan your dental implant consultation

What to Expect During Your Implant Consultation and How to Prepare for It

Start the restoration of your smile with a dental implant consultation. If you’ve heard of dental implants before, you may know they’re widely considered to be the best tooth replacement option out there. This makes them a great option to consider any time you need to replace a missing tooth, but we understand that dental…
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Good overall health is connected to good oral health

How to Protect Your Oral Health and Overall Health This Holiday With a Solid Oral Care Routine

3 Tips to Protect Your Oral Health During the 2021 Holiday Season With the holidays right around the corner, family calendars are starting to book up with tons of activities. From holiday parties at school and the office to church events and family gatherings, there is a lot to tackle between now and the end…
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