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Improved dental technology

4 Ways Dental Technology at the Tooth Doc Makes a Better Experience for Kids

Your Child’s Comfort Matters How does your child react to dental appointments? Are they excited to see their dentist, or do they feel apprehensive and a bit nervous? Developing a trusting relationship with a dentist is an important step in maintaining a positive association with dental care for life. Early experiences at the dentist have…
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Porcelain crowns give you a new smile

3 Ways Porcelain Crowns Can Transform Your Smile

Benefits of Porcelain Crown Restorations Dental crowns are a very popular restorative dentistry solution, second only to dental fillings in how frequently they’re used. They’re ideal for repairing extensive damage that something like a filling or veneer shell can’t adequately cover. Less commonly, crowns are also used strictly as cosmetic solutions to permanently cover a…
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You can prevent tooth decay

10 Ways To Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Tooth Decay

Effective Habits For Preventing Cavities Tooth decay is the most prevalent oral health problem for children, responsible for most prematurely lost baby teeth. Statistically, most children will develop cavities during childhood, but that doesn’t mean the fight against tooth decay isn’t effective. In fact, preventive care can stop cavities when parents are consistent and focus…
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Get a smile makeover in Omaha

3 Reasons To Consider a Smile Makeover in Omaha This Summer

Summer is a season of sunny smiles and carefree days, making it the perfect time to embark on a transformative journey toward a radiant smile. A smile makeover offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing dental aesthetics, boosting confidence, and improving oral health. Whether you’re a parent seeking to revitalize your smile or a family looking…
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We help ease your dental anxiety

6 Ways The Tooth Doc Is Life-Changing for People with Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Dental anxiety is a serious issue that can make visiting the dentist a difficult experience or even cause patients to put off necessary care. It affects patients of all ages and can be particularly difficult for children. Uncover six key reasons that The Tooth Doc, the best dentist in…
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Tips for toothbrushing for tots

5 Ways to Help Your Child Become Confident with Toothbrushing from the Start

Start an oral health routine early. Starting your child off with healthy oral hygiene habits can provide them with a foundation for a lifetime of health. Toothbrushing is a vital part of oral hygiene, and how you help your child with toothbrushing in their formative years can have a major impact on their oral health…
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CEREC same day crowns

What’s So Good About the CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

The slow process of getting a crown is a thing of the past. Dental crowns are among the most common restorative dentistry treatments, providing lasting protection and a natural appearance for decayed or damaged teeth. Traditionally, getting a dental crown has been a slow process. Today, CEREC same day crowns place your custom crown in…
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Get outside in Omaha NE

5 Ways to Get the Family Outside More Near Omaha, Nebraska

Keep your family healthy and happy by enjoying the great outdoors. Omaha, Nebraska, is the perfect place to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. There are countless opportunities for families to enjoy some time together with activities for children of all ages. You can take advantage of these fun-filled outdoor activities in Omaha…
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Gum contouring can fix a gummy smile

3 Signs You Might Want To Consider Gum Contouring

We all want the best smile possible. We want a smile demonstrating we are strong, confident, and can take on the world. But if we don’t love our smile, we don’t share it as often as we should. And that can have severe repercussions on both our personal and professional lives. Perhaps you are embarrassed…
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Protect your dental health

Can You Heal a Cavity Naturally? And 4 Other Dental Health FAQs

A cavity is one of those things that people want to avoid. But they do happen. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 90% of those aged 20 or over have had at least one cavity. And one in four adults between the ages of 20 and 64…
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Opalescence Go for whiter teeth

Do You Prefer At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits? Consider Opalescence Go

What is Opalescence Go? Do you want whiter teeth and all that a brighter smile offers? Of course you do. A happy, healthy smile is an automatic mood booster. Smiling is good for your health, as it releases neuropeptides to help fight off stress. However, sometimes you might not feel like smiling. If your hesitancy…
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What could be the cause of your tooth pain

See Your Local Omaha Dentist for These 8 Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is no joke. It keeps you from sleeping. It prevents you from focusing at work. And it just makes you downright miserable. If you are experiencing tooth pain, your Omaha dentist can help. But first, let’s discuss the reasons you might be experiencing tooth pain in the first place. Common Culprits For Your…
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