Which is the best kind of toothbrush

The Right Toothbrush: Which One Is the Best for Me?

When it comes to brushing our teeth, finding the best kind of toothbrush is more important than we might realize. After all, we spend a lot of time brushing our teeth. It’s true! For a typical 79-year-old lifespan, a person will spend more than 82 days brushing their teeth. Finding the best kind of toothbrush…
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Know the signs of TMJ disorder

2 Classic and 2 Not-So-Classic Signs of TMJ Disorder and What to Do

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are a relatively common issue that can cause acute and chronic pain. Many people aren’t fully aware of TMJ disorders and the signs that can point to this issue.  Watch out for a few of these better-known signs, along with others that you typically might not associate with TMJ disorders. If…
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There are financing options so you don't have to skip the dentist

Dental Care With A Wide Range of Financing Options

Have you ever thought about just how much it costs to stay healthy? Think about this: Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins tend to cost two to three times as much as other options, such as snacks and comfort-food items. Going to the doctor and the dentist can cost money too, and…
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Straight teeth aren't an impossible dream

Uncover the Secret Sauce to Beautifully Straight Teeth

Were you satisfied with what you saw the last time you looked at your smile in the mirror? Were your teeth white or discolored? Were your teeth straight? Having straight teeth is more important than we think. Aside from the fact that straight teeth are easier to clean and better for our oral and overall…
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Can your dentist do orthodontic treatments

6 Benefits of Combined Dentist Plus Orthodontic Care in One Location

Dental Care and Orthodontic Treatments in One Convenient Location Are you tired of running all over town for dental care and orthodontic treatments? Have you been looking for a single location that can take care of all your needs? If so, we have great news for you! Our practice offers both dental care and orthodontic…
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Do you know the early signs of malocclusion

Learn If Overcrowding Teeth Are in Your Child’s Future

Protecting your child’s future oral health by watching for signs of malocclusion As your child’s adult teeth begin erupting and visits from the Tooth Fairy become more commonplace, you might begin thinking about future orthodontic treatments and wondering, “How do I know if my child will need braces?” The answer might surprise you! Even before…
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Have the best first dentist appointment

First Dentist Appointment Tips for Parents of Young Children

Your Child’s First Visits to the Dentist Did you know that children should regularly begin seeing a dentist as early as their 1st birthday? The ADA recommends that parents plan their child’s first dentist appointment within six months of their first tooth erupting and no later than one year of age. There are 3 big…
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Best orthodontist in Omaha

Omaha’s Favorite Orthodontist for Children, Teens, And Adults Has It All

Orthodontics does more than improve the look of your smile. If you’re looking to straighten your teeth for a picture-perfect smile, or looking to fix your current bite, the Tooth Doc Orthodontist in Omaha, NE, has many options to help you achieve what you’re looking for. But straight teeth aren’t just about aesthetics. Read on…
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Do you have crooked teeth as an adult? Get clear aligners.

5 Things Adults Can Do About Crooked Teeth

What Adults Can Do for Crooked or Crowded Teeth Having crooked teeth is one issue that can really impact your willingness to smile. Many adults find themselves dealing with crooked teeth either because they never received orthodontic treatment as children or due to new issues arising in adulthood. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that…
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Dental health worksheets for kids

25 and More Resources and Activities for Teaching Children About Their Teeth

It’s never too early to teach a child about their teeth and how to keep a healthy smile. While many dentists recommend a child visit the dentist for the first time before their first birthday, many parents aren’t sure of how to explain all the benefits of great oral health hygiene to their little ones.…
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How does a dentist treat a cavity

Fillings vs. Inlays and Onlays: A Thorough Comparison

Solutions for Repairing Decayed Teeth One thing no one wants to hear from their dentist is, “You’ve got a cavity.” But the good news is finding out you have a cavity is the necessary first step before taking action to repair the damage and prevent future decay from occurring. After you and your dentist have…
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Adult orthodontic treatment

5 Reasons More Adults Are Getting Orthodontic Treatment

You’re never too old to gain a straight, beautiful, and healthier smile with orthodontics. For a long time, orthodontic treatments like braces were almost exclusively connected to teenagers. It became almost a rite of passage, something that many kids underwent on their journey to adulthood. While this association still exists, it’s no longer exclusive—not by…
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