Dental Anxiety Stopping You from Getting Comprehensive Care? Not at The Tooth Doc

Dental anxiety doesn't have to keep you from the dentist

Get the dental care you need in a supportive and safe environment. 

If you have a fear of the dentist, and it’s keeping you from receiving the care you need, you should know that you’re not alone. Studies have shown that over 60% of people suffer from some form of dental anxiety. 

The number of people who are somewhere between uncomfortable with and petrified of dental visits is genuinely staggering. Although there are things that can ease their fears and help them work through their dental phobia, finding a dental practice that prioritizes their comfort is crucial. That’s exactly what we do at The Tooth Doc.

What causes dental anxiety?

The biggest cause of dental anxiety is a rather obvious one—fear of pain. While modern technology and advanced techniques have drastically reduced the level of discomfort you’re likely to experience when receiving dental care, we’ve yet to figure out how to eliminate it entirely. 

For some patients, the anticipation of that discomfort is seriously anxiety-inducing. 

There are a number of other reasons why some people suffer from dental phobia. Some find the smells and sounds associated with a dental visit to be unpleasant. Others feel a sense of claustrophobia when they’re in a dental chair or forced to keep their mouth open for prolonged periods. 

Then, there are those whose fears center more around the cost of quality dental care than anything else.

What can you and your dentist do to ease your dental fear?

Whatever the reason for your dental anxiety, you should know that there are things you can do to ease your fears so you can care for your oral health, and one of those things is selecting a dental practice that prioritizes the following things.

Clear Communication

Sometimes, the best way to feel more comfortable at your next dental appointment is to be clear about your dental phobia. 

A good dental team should take you seriously when you express your fears and continue to communicate clearly with you about what you can expect from your upcoming procedure, and what they’re going to do to make it as smooth and as comfortable as possible for you.

Comprehensive Care

A great dental team is going to be cognizant of every aspect of a dental procedure, not just the physical part. A patient’s mental and emotional well-being is just as important as their medical well-being, which is why you should always seek a dental practice that proudly prioritizes those aspects.


No patient wants to be made out to be silly or childish for their dental phobia or have their concerns dismissed. They want a dental team with a dedication to compassionate care and a clear sense of empathy. When you find a practice with those qualities, you’re likely to be much less fearful about receiving dental care.

Why Patients Feel More Comfortable at The Tooth Doc

At The Tooth Doc, clear communication, comprehensive care, and compassion are all priorities for our team. However, those are not the only things that we have to offer that can help reduce a patient’s anxiety during a dental procedure.

Sedation Dentistry

Talking through your fears openly and practicing relaxation techniques, such as meditation or controlled breathing, can be highly effective at reducing your dental anxiety. 

However, they don’t always work and, sometimes, you simply need to employ some more direct tactics to ensure a smooth procedure. That is where sedation dentistry comes in. 

We offer multiple forms of sedation dentistry at The Tooth Doc that can help you feel totally relaxed and comfortable while you receive the care you need. For some procedures, sedation is the norm, but even if it isn’t for your particular procedure, ask us what your potential sedation options may be.

Latest Technology

Advances in dental technology are always designed to make procedures simpler and more effective, but they’re also designed with patient comfort in mind. That’s why we employ the latest tech the world of dentistry has to offer. Easier and more accurate imaging and faster procedures with quicker recovery times can help make your dental experience a lot more pleasant.

Same Day Crowns

Crowns can save your smile and improve your quality of life, but for many years, they required multiple dental visits, which is not ideal for anyone who suffers from dental anxiety. With same day crowns, you can walk out of our office with a fully restored smile in a single dental visit.

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