Want a Modern Dentist? Ask if They Offer This Dental Technology

Benefits of modern dental technology.

What To Ask When Looking for A Modern Dental Practice

Modern dental technology continues to provide exciting new treatment options with improved outcomes and patient experiences. If you’re looking for a dentist near Omaha, finding one who uses the latest technology should be one of your top priorities. These modern dental techniques are changing the way patients experience care today.

Here are the top questions you should ask a prospective dentist about the technology they use in their practice.

Digital X-Rays and Cone-Beam 3D Imaging

X-ray technology has come a long way in the past two decades. It’s always been a vital part of diagnosis and treatment planning, but new applications are making an even more significant difference. Today, you can take advantage of both digital X-rays and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) when you choose the right dentist.

Traditional X-rays work essentially the same way as a camera with film, except that they use electromagnetic radiation instead of visible light. The X-rays pass through soft tissue, so it’s quite literally taking a photograph of your teeth and bones. Just like photography has been enhanced with digital cameras, digital X-rays now provide clearer imaging in dentistry.

Traditionally, X-ray films had to be developed, just like film from a camera. Digital X-rays bypass this step and deliver instant results. This streamlines treatment workflows and lets your dentist investigate dental issues more quickly. The resolution and accuracy of these X-rays are also exceptional, and radiation exposure is reduced.

CBCT is another technology based on X-rays. A series of X-rays are taken from multiple angles as the CBCT scanner rotates around your head. This technique constructs a 3D view of not just your teeth and jaw but also the soft tissue in your mouth, neck, ears, nose, and throat, which greatly improves your dentist’s ability to diagnose accurately.

When choosing a potential dentist, make sure to ask questions about their dental technology, such as: 

These questions will let you know about both their technical capabilities and experience.

Digital Impressions

Traditionally, restorations or cosmetic dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, veneers, and dental implants required physical impressions. The dentist would fill trays with dental putty and press them against your teeth. You would then have to bite down and hold them for several minutes.

Not only was this process unpleasant, but it was also slow. Your dentist would have to physically ship the impressions to the dental lab so that they could create the crown or other restoration. Then the lab would have to ship them back, so you’d end up waiting from one to three weeks to receive the final product.

Digital impressions have solved this problem, allowing for improved planning and execution of almost every procedure, from crowns to clear aligners. Intraoral scanners produce high-resolution 3D images of your smile that your dental team can then transfer to a lab instantly. 

The process is far faster, more comfortable, and more accurate. Asking your dentist these questions can be of benefit:

  • Do you use digital impressions for restorative treatments?
  • How can digital impressions improve the treatment process for my specific case? 

You want to know that they have the technology and have also incorporated it successfully into their treatment processes.

CEREC and 3D Printing

CEREC same-day crowns take convenience even further, combining digital impressions with on-site restoration production. 

Your dentist can prepare your tooth, take a digital impression, plan your crown, and create it using 3D printing and milling equipment in just one appointment—no waiting around for a second visit! This means you won’t have to deal with a temporary restoration either.

You should ask specifically: 

  • Do you offer CEREC technology for same-day dental crowns or veneers?
  • Can you provide custom dental appliances using 3D printing technology?

These questions can help you determine whether you’re getting genuine industry-leading CEREC results and help you find out about other potential restorative techniques.

Text and Email Appointment Reminders

Dental technology provides benefits beyond simplified treatment processes. A variety of innovations in how patient information and appointments are handled also improve your overall experience.

Dental practices that implement practice-management solutions ensure that you receive text and email reminders to keep up with all appointments, helping you protect your long-term oral health.

Ask about their management practices with questions such as: 

  • Do you offer text or email appointment reminders for patients?
  • How does your office use technology to streamline communication and appointment scheduling?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you ensure that they’re making the best use of all available resources to improve your care.

Find the right modern dentist in Omaha for your dental care.

Modern dental technology has much to offer, but only if the dentist you choose both offers this technology and effectively incorporates it into your treatment. The Tooth Doc makes use of the latest technologies and methods for diagnosis, treatment planning, and procedures. Make us your modern dental home. Schedule your consultation today to see the difference the latest dental technology can make.