How to Find the Best Orthodontist in Omaha

Find the best orthodontist

Get your child the best orthodontic care in Omaha.

When your child reaches the age of seven and gains their first set of adult molars, your family dentist will likely tell you it’s time to take them to an orthodontist. We know from experience that this step in your child’s oral healthcare journey can be daunting, especially if you’re worried about finding a great orthodontist. Orthodontic treatments permanently straighten your child’s teeth, so finding a skilled orthodontist is essential to ensure your child receives compassionate care with the best results possible. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you choose the best orthodontist in Omaha for your child.

Focus on finding a trained orthodontist.

Nowadays, there are plenty of family dentists who offer Invisalign to their patients. These dentists do a great job providing the best care they can to their patients, but the truth is orthodontists simply have more training and expertise when it comes to straightening teeth. Orthodontists are dental specialists, so they have completed an extra two years of dental school. All of that extra education focuses on providing them specialized training in orthodontics. Once they graduate, orthodontists mostly focus on straightening teeth using a wide variety of methods. As a result, they have a deeper knowledge of the topic, more practical experience, and more specialized tools to draw from to address your child’s orthodontic needs.

Finding an orthodontist can sound daunting, so it may be tempting to stick with your family dentist if you know they offer Invisalign. In the long term, though, it’s worth it to put in the work required to find a talented orthodontist in your area. Whether you choose to straighten your child’s teeth with braces or clear aligners like Invisalign, an orthodontist will simply be able to evaluate your child’s case more closely and monitor the movement of your child’s teeth better to ensure their teeth are moving the way they should.

Calculate the driving time.

Once your child begins their orthodontic treatment, you’ll be taking them to the orthodontist every four to six weeks, even if they get Invisalign. A 30-minute drive to the dentist might be OK when you’re only going every six months, but when you’re making the trip more frequently, it’s better if the office is close by. Making sure your drive to these regular appointments isn’t too long will save you a surprising amount of time, not to mention gas money. This is especially important if you’re having to take a few hours off work or pick your child up from school early to take them to their appointments. Plus, making this decision early on in the process narrows down your list of potential orthodontists right away, making your decision that much easier. If you’re having a hard time finding an orthodontist you love in your designated area, you can always cast a wider net later. After all, you don’t want to settle for an orthodontist you’re not excited about just because they’re close; driving a little further for a truly great orthodontist is worth it in the long run.

Read reviews online.

Online reviews are powerful tools that help you learn from other patients’ experiences and give you details about what you can expect from a typical appointment at each office. Dental offices are just like any business, so you’ll likely find a few bad reviews for every office you look into. While a few bad reviews shouldn’t scare you, a great orthodontist’s office should definitely have a higher percentage of positive reviews. If an orthodontist has a significant percentage of negative reviews, that’s a red flag. You can probably eliminate them from your list of potentials.

You also may want to take note of a few of the good and bad qualities that are mentioned repeatedly, such as a friendly staff, issues with billing, or details about how they handle dental anxiety. This may help you prioritize a few orthodontists over the rest or even eliminate a few. Here’s a review of our office that provides a good example of what you should be looking for from a review:

“Dr. Leslie Ellingson has completely changed my smile for the better. I was very self-conscious about getting adult braces, but I was very unhappy about my teeth. Dr. Leslie took the time to go over all the options for me. Her time frame she gave me during our consultation for my braces was exactly as predicted. My smile is now better than I could have ever imagined! She is so personable and professional. So happy to be her patient!” – Krissy Jorgensen

Look into the technology they use.

It’s only natural to want to find an orthodontist who can provide your child with the best possible care. Part of that is ensuring the orthodontist is making use of cutting-edge technology. This isn’t just because of the better results advanced technology can achieve, though that’s certainly part of it. It also means the orthodontist has taken the time and effort to stay updated on the latest technology then committed to implementing that technology into their practice. It’s a good sign that they’re dedicated to providing each patient with great care.

Visit the office for a consultation.

Before you make a final decision between the last two or three orthodontists on your list, it’s a good idea to visit the office for a consultation. This provides you with the chance to see the office in person, meet the staff, and speak to the orthodontists themselves. Ensuring that the staff and the orthodontist are all friendly, patient, and compassionate is important, as you want your child to feel welcomed and relaxed at the office rather than anxious. There are several steps you can take to determine whether or not an orthodontist is a good fit. Ask about their experience and continued education courses, as well as their treatment recommendations. Pay attention to their answers and how well they listen to your explanation of your treatment goals for your child. They should also take the time to answer your questions thoroughly instead of making you feel like you need to rush out of their office as soon as possible.

Finally, although it may seem subjective, it’s important for you and your child to feel comfortable talking to the orthodontist you choose. After all, you want your child to feel comfortable asking questions or telling their orthodontist about any issues they’re experiencing. When they’re comfortable with their orthodontist, your child will be much more likely to speak up, which will help them receive better dental care.

Find the right orthodontist for your child.

We know choosing a great orthodontist for your child can feel like clearing a major hurdle, but doing the leg work early on will make a huge difference in your child’s treatment. It will impact not only the outcome of their treatment but their entire experience with it. A great orthodontist can mean the difference between your child dreading their regular appointments and enjoying them! If it’s time to start searching for an orthodontist in Omaha for your child, feel free to call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Leslie Ellingson at any time!