10 Ideas to Improve Your Overall Wellness This Spring

So many great ways to boost overall wellness this spring

Simple Ways to Boost Your Overall Health and Wellness

There’s no better time to start improving your overall wellness than spring — at least we think so. With longer daylight hours and a rise in temperatures, you can finally ditch the layers and comfortably spend more time outside working on the most important project: yourself. Having trouble deciding where to start? No problem. Check out this helpful post for some great ideas on simple ways to boost your health.

1. Grow Herbs

Enjoy adding rosemary to your fried potatoes, tarragon on steak, or parsley in tomato soup? Consider starting an herb garden right in your backyard. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a green thumb, the time your family spends outdoors tending to the garden will do wonders for your overall wellness.

2. Spend Time With Pets

As excited as the family is for the change in seasons, so are your pets. Finally, your furry friends can let their tails wags and tongues blep without worrying about slipping on ice or muddling through the snow. Let your pets also enjoy the warmer weather. The more time you spend with them outside is scientifically proven to improve overall wellness.

3. Visit the Dentist

Does your partner complain about your snoring? While snoring can be a nuisance, it also puts your health at risk since it interferes with both the quality and quantity of your sleep. Not only that but approximately half of the people who snore loudly suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). And as a result, you’ll have trouble sleeping (insomnia), experience frequent dry mouth, and wake up with a sore throat more times than you can count. Thankfully, a visit to the Tooth Doc dental office right here in Omaha may help you stop snoring and provide relief from OSA’s other negative, disrupting symptoms. Taking care of issues no matter how small they may seem will do wonders for your overall wellness.

4. Start Bird-Watching

Spring is the perfect time to take up bird-watching. Or as the experts call it: birding. Around the beginning of March, birds begin migrating in search of mates and territories. Peer outside your windows or head over to the backyard. Can you hear the Western Tanager singing or spot the bright yellow feathers of the Lesser Goldfinch? Your foray into little bird birthdays has already started.

5. Pet Baby Animals

Baby animals bring joy to both the young and old. Scatter Joy Acres is one of our favorite places to pet cute barnyard animals in Omaha, Nebraska. From ponies to cows and alpacas to camels, it’s a wonderful way for you and the kids to interact with the farm animals and learn all about their life cycles.

6. Plant Flowers

If you’ve always dreamed of having a flower garden, spring is the perfect time to make it happen. It doesn’t matter how large your Omaha backyard or garden is, that small patch of ground overflows with the possibility to bring life and expand your creative spirit. You may not know the difference between pansies, violas, and alyssums (yet), but turning that bare spot into the Mona Lisa of flower gardens will be both fun and rewarding for everyone involved. Not only that but did you know that contact with the earth improves your micro biome and you can bet that aids in boosting your overall wellness.

7. Ride a Historical Train

Choo choo! All aboard! The Durham Museum in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, has an impressive collection of trains. As part of the tour, you’ll get the chance to ride one of the historical trains, an experience you and the kids will no doubt retell every chance you get.

8. Look at Stars

Birds migrating, flowers blooming, temperatures rising… There are so many changes that happen in spring, some even involving the night sky. Hidden among the billions of stars, you’ll find unique constellations that are only visible in spring. Stargaze with the kids during a cloudless new moon and see if you can identify the seven stars that form the Big Dipper or the bright orange giant star Arcturus, which some say looks like a kite, while others see more of a stone. Don’t worry if you can’t see any major constellations, the simple act of gazing at stars will have you feeling connected to nature in no time.

9. Make Shapes From Clouds

Spread a blanket in the backyard and invite your child to look at the bright blue sky. As you look up, you’ll see clouds floating and your minds will drift into the land of imagination. What happens next is between you and the clouds. You may spot a sheep, but your little one may see the hippo from their favorite bedtime story. That’s the beauty of cloud watching.

10. Take a Hike

Being in nature or even seeing pictures of plants can bring on a sense of overall well-being. Hiking offers a great way to explore the outdoors and experience the healing powers of Mother Nature. Once you lace up your boots and put on some sunscreen, you’ll find there’s so much for you as well as the kids to discover and explore in the great outdoors.

Spring has arrived!

Winter may have felt like an eternity, but you’ll soon feel that beautiful spring sunshine on your face and, with it, the urge to work on the most important project of all: yourself. If snoring has interfered with the quality of your sleep and drained your energy so much you no longer feel motivated to do things that once brought you joy, Tooth Doc may be able to help you. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss how you can stop snoring and spring back to a state of overall wellness.