Why Choose a Family Dentist? Finding the Best Dentist Near Me

Ways The Tooth Doc is the best family dentist

Making two visits to the dentist each year should be a priority for you and everyone in your family. And though seeing any dentist is better than seeing no dentist, finding and sticking with one family dentist throughout the years can be beneficial not only to your dental health but to your overall health as well. Whether you seek a family dentist for you, for one of your children, or the entire family, there are many benefits to searching for and finding the best dentist near you.

5 Benefits of Finding the Best Family Dentist Near Me

If you have been visiting dentist after dentist based on whatever is convenient for you when your visit is due, the chances are that you’re not receiving the best possible care and treatment. This isn’t to say that the dentists you’re seeing aren’t doing their job. Instead, when you switch from dentist to dentist, you lose the continuity that comes from a dentist that can monitor your oral health over time.

Family dentists are popular for families all over the United States because of the versatility that they offer. In most family dental practices, there are multiple dentists available. This provides ease and convenience for all family members and makes it simpler for you to get in for your appointments. Further, family dentists strive to create excellent experiences for children, those with special needs, and more. Children expect and need a kind, patient, and gentle dentist, especially when children might have anxiety about their upcoming trip to the dentist. With the right family dental practice, your child will grow in their willingness to go to the dentist with ease, and this will provide many long-term health benefits.

Check out this list of five benefits for choosing a family dentist near you.

  1. Family dentists can provide a broader base of care, both in treatment variety and the age range of patients seen. At The Tooth Doc in Omaha, Nebraska, we see patients of all ages.
  2. A family dentist near you can help to track your dental development. For children, in particular, a pediatric dentist understands the vital role that baby teeth play in development. Further, a family pediatric dentist can ensure that your child’s development is on the right path and suggest and provide treatments where course corrections might be needed.
  3. When you find a dentist near you, you will benefit from their ability to spot problems with your gums or potential tooth decay that may run in the family. When parents have specific issues with their dental health, there is a chance that the children will develop those same ailments. For this reason, a family dentist can pay extra close attention to your child’s dental development and treat these issues early on.
  4. Cultivating positive relationships is essential for everybody. With a family dentist, everyone in the family can share everyday experiences with a dentist they love from generation to generation. Think of the storytelling that can come from years of seeing the same dentist.
  5. There are appropriate services for each family member at a family dentist such as those at The Tooth Doc. With cosmetic dentistry, restorative and general dentistry, children’s dentistry and orthodontics, and an easy-to-understand approach to various treatments through patient education videos, all family members can receive the dental treatment that they need.

Dental Membership Plans Are an Added Benefit for The Tooth Doc Patients

We know that dental care can be expensive, even with insurance coverage. At The Tooth Doc, we accept various payment options, including cash, personal checks, credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, plus CareCredit and financing through the Lending Club. We work with our patients as needed to provide estimates and anticipated insurance reimbursements before starting treatment. And we will be glad to file your insurance forms on your behalf.

However, an added benefit that we provide to our patients without dental insurance is our Tooth Doc Dental Health Club. This membership program provides plan participants with dental care at affordable prices. With three different options, chances are that there is a suitable plan for you and your family to ensure you receive the preventive care you need and deserve.

The Tooth Doc Is the Perfect Family Dentist for Those in Omaha, NE

If you live in or around Omaha, NE, and have been searching online for the best family dentist near you or the best orthodontist in Omaha, you can stop your search because you’ve found the right place. The Tooth Doc would love to have you join our family of patients. If you need emergency dental services in Omaha, NE, we’re here to help you there too.

To request an appointment, simply complete our online form or give us a call at 402-397-8050. We’ll get back to you quickly and work with you to schedule an appointment convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon.