Top 7 Questions We Get Asked About Gum Contouring

answering gum contouring questions

Your gummy smile can be contoured to get the smile of your dreams. 

Gum contouring is a great cosmetic dental option for dealing with a gummy smile. A cosmetic dentist can sculpt and shape your gum line to improve the aesthetics of your smile and boost your self-confidence. Here are some of the most common gum contouring questions our patients ask about this procedure.

FAQs: 7 Gum Contouring Questions

1. Is gum contouring covered by my insurance?

Individual dental insurance plans can vary widely, so it’s always best to check your own plan and reach out to your dentist to find out for sure. Like many other cosmetic procedures, gum contouring is generally not covered by typical insurance plans.

However, gum contouring isn’t always a purely cosmetic procedure. In some cases, it’s a necessary step in a patient’s treatment plan for gum disease. In this situation, it is much more likely that insurance will cover gum contouring.

2. How much does gum contouring cost?

Gum contouring is a relatively simple cosmetic dentistry procedure, so it is more affordable than many other options. This is particularly true when compared to procedures like custom-made tooth replacements, which require support from external labs.

Different patients will have unique requirements, so the cost of gum contouring can vary based on individual factors. However, you should keep in mind that gum contouring is a permanent procedure, not a temporary one. The cost of gum contouring is something you pay once to improve your smile for good.

3. Is the procedure painful?

The gum contouring procedure is relatively minor. Your cosmetic dentist will carry it out in their own office using local anesthetic. This is the same kind of anesthetic that numbs the mouth when you’re having a filling or other common dental procedure. You won’t feel anything during the procedure.

The dentist will carefully reshape your gum line to be proportionate with your teeth and contoured symmetrically. The procedure will take an hour or more, typically, and is totally painless, due to the anesthesia. After the procedure, patients can sometimes experience mild soreness and pain, but simple over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to manage it.

4. How long does the procedure take?

The length of the procedure will depend on some personal factors and how much adjustment needs to be made to the gum line. However, the procedure is generally quick and straightforward. Most patients will be in the dentist’s chair for only between one and two hours.

5. Who is gum contouring right for?

Gum contouring is typically a procedure for people who think their gum line takes up too much of their smile. With gum contouring, their smiles can be more evenly balanced, achieving the look they want. Like other cosmetic dentistry procedures, this is largely a personal choice.

To find out whether you’re a good candidate for gum contouring, you should reach out to an experienced cosmetic dentist. They’ll be able to provide you with a consultation to discuss what your options are. If gum contouring seems like a good fit, they can move forward and start planning your treatment.

6. What can I eat afterward?

Gum contouring is a safe and straightforward procedure, but you do need to make some adjustments in the days following your treatment. Your gums will be sensitive and need to be allowed to heal properly. That means you’ll have to watch what you eat.

For two to three days after the procedure, you should eat only soft foods. Soups, yogurt, applesauce, and jello are prime examples. Basically, you’ll need to avoid chewing and foods that could become lodged in the gums during healing.

7. How long is the healing process?

The complete healing process generally takes between one and two weeks. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy your new gum line without any discomfort, swelling, or dietary restrictions. Healing is most difficult during the first few days, during which you may experience swelling and mild pain.

If your gums are bleeding or the swelling or pain becomes excessive, you should reach out to your dentist right away. In most cases, you’ll also have an antibiotic mouthwash to rinse with in order to avoid infection during healing.

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