Root Canal Specialist Omaha NE

If you have damage to the nerve tissue inside your tooth and need a root canal treatment, trust the team at The Tooth Doc to provide effective, quick, and painless care. Your dentist will remove the infected soft tissue within your tooth and fill the void with inert material to ease your pain. Despite their intimidating reputation, a root canal is a routine procedure that relieves pain and returns you to your regular activities quickly. If you’re suffering from tooth pain, call The Tooth Doc for an evaluation.

Doctor Matz is the best dentist around. I have been to many other dentists but none can compare to Dr. Matz and his staff. I have had a root canal and crown performed with no pain at all. The staff is so friendly; they even called a couple days later to check on my progress. Dr. Matz and his staff don’t just look at you as another patient, they really care about your individual wellness.

– Sasha Smith