Porcelain Veneers Are Transformative: Experience the Difference for Yourself

Porcelain veneers can be life changing

Reclaiming Your Self-Confidence With Porcelain Veneers

Part of loving yourself is being confident in the way you look regardless of what others might think. Whether it’s your makeup or hairstyle of choice or the clothes you choose to wear, the key is to do it for yourself. Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry treatments can provide a helping hand, giving you newfound self-confidence. Even seemingly small changes can make a huge difference in the way you view yourself, and that’s the key—these procedures exist to make you feel more confident in your own skin.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your confidence by improving your smile, you may have heard of porcelain veneers, which consist of thin, tooth-shaped porcelain shells that your dentist permanently attaches to the front surfaces of the teeth. Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments out there because they’re so versatile. They can solve a wide range of cosmetic issues with your smile, from small changes to complete revitalization. 

These changes can completely transform your appearance and boost your confidence. But what makes porcelain veneers so transformative, and how can you tell if they’re right for you? Thankfully, you don’t have to find out on your own! We’ve put together a guide to help you learn more about them and determine if you’d like to discuss them with Dr. Matz or Dr. Ellingson.

What problems can veneers solve?

Porcelain veneers are well known for their versatility. One of their most common uses is as an alternative way to whiten teeth that have permanent stains on them. Although professional teeth whitening can remove most stains, there are certain types of stains, often those caused in childhood by using certain antibiotics or damage to the teeth, that whitening treatments can’t resolve. Porcelain veneers can cover these internally stained teeth to provide the uniformly white smile you’ve always wanted.

Porcelain veneers can also close gaps, fix unevenness or irregularities, and restore chipped, cracked, broken, or worn-down teeth. Restoring mild damage like this can help seal them off from decay, protecting the tooth’s future health as well as improving its appearance.

Similarly, porcelain veneers can also cover teeth compromised by enamel erosion. Since they have a thinner layer of protective enamel on them, teeth suffering from enamel erosion are more vulnerable to decay and experience more sensitivity. In this case, veneers create a new protective layer over your teeth, which helps protect against decay and reduces sensitivity.

Part of the reason that these problems are so easy to solve with veneers is how easily they adapt to your needs and wants. Each veneer is placed individually, so you can repair a single stained or damaged tooth with one veneer, transform your smile with a full set, or anywhere in between.

Who is a good candidate for veneers?

If you’re interested in dental veneers, the good news is that nearly everyone is a candidate for them! The biggest potential exceptions are people who clench or grind their teeth, as this motion risks damaging your veneers just like it risks damaging your natural tooth structure. Getting veneers may still be possible if you suffer from bruxism, but you’ll want to discuss your options with Dr. Matz or Dr. Ellingson, including potential methods of protecting your veneers, such as a nightguard or anxiety management.

Otherwise, you simply need to ensure that you have good oral health before you begin the process of getting your veneers. This may mean that you need to treat cavities or gum disease first, but these are issues you’d need to address with or without veneers in the mix! As a result, most people are a great fit for dental veneers.

Why are veneers made of porcelain?  

There are a couple of reasons that veneers are made of porcelain, but the biggest is aesthetics. Each veneer is customizable, from its shape and size to its shade. Porcelain is an ideal material for veneers because it’s easy to tint and polish to match the gloss and shade of your natural teeth. This gives porcelain a nearly unmatched ability to mimic enamel and seamlessly blend into your smile. Whether you’re getting one or two or transforming your smile with an entire set, no one will realize that you have veneers at all!

Another reason that porcelain is a great veneer material is its strength and durability. When you think of porcelain, you likely think of fragile pottery, but the porcelain used for porcelain veneers is much stronger and more durable than you think. In fact, it’s about as strong as your natural teeth and more resistant to staining! 

This means that actions that risk injuring your natural teeth also risk damaging your veneers, so you’ll need to show just as much care to your veneers as you would your natural teeth. You should never use your teeth as tools to open packaging or crack nuts and should take steps to protect your teeth from sports injuries and bruxism. Thanks to their strength, veneers should last around 15 years or more with proper care!

What can you expect from your veneers?  

Your dentist’s lab will customize each veneer for you with your input, so you will work with your dentist to choose the size, shape, and shade of your new teeth. This ensures that you’ll know what to expect from your new smile—and that you’ll genuinely love it! You’ll be able to truly gain the smile of your dreams! Whether you got a single veneer or transformed your smile with a set, your new smile will give you newfound confidence.

This can make a surprisingly huge difference in your daily life because you feel free to smile more often without worrying about what your smile looks like. You might even be eager to show off your new, beautiful smile, which could be an entirely new feeling for you! This can boost confidence in both your personal and professional lives, particularly in the way that you approach new people and challenging situations.

Approaching these situations with more self-assurance can even alter how people perceive you, making you appear friendlier or more prepared. Most importantly, though, is the way that gaining a smile makes you feel confident. It changes how you feel about yourself—even in the quiet moments when no one’s there. It can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and that change alone makes veneers worth it for many people.

Where can you get porcelain veneers in Omaha, NE?

Porcelain veneers are such a popular cosmetic dentistry choice because they’re a versatile and long-lasting way to fix your teeth beautifully. If you’re near Omaha, Nebraska, and would like to see if porcelain veneers are right for you, feel free to schedule an evaluation with The Tooth Doc’s Dr. Matz or Dr. Ellingson at any time. They can help you determine if veneers are the best treatment to help you regain the smile of your dreams!