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It’s Never Too Late for Orthodontic Treatment

Between advances in dental technology and awareness of the benefits a healthy, beautiful smile brings, more adults than ever are seeking orthodontic treatment, in the United States and globally. Like changes to vision and hair color, our teeth can shift as part of the normal biological response to aging, which can be corrected with orthodontic treatment and retainers upon treatment completion. Combined with misalignments in the teeth or jaws that have been around since adolescence, adults of all ages are creating smiles that support their oral health and total sense of well-being.

Well-aligned, properly positioned teeth can support your sense of confidence when you smile and speak, and are also easier to clean during your daily oral hygiene routine. Preventing oral health issues is always important, though it becomes especially crucial with age, as many serious health conditions are associated with oral health issues such as gum disease. Starting orthodontic treatment requires that you be free of gum disease, cavities, and tooth infections, which means a check-up with your regular dentist prior to seeing Dr. Leslie for the initial consultation.

Whether you are seeking a small correction or a dramatic change, a free initial consultation with Dr. Leslie will give you what you need to understand the orthodontic treatment options that best align with your goals, lifestyle, and needs.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligner therapy uses a series of virtually invisible oral appliances to discreetly, incrementally, and strategically position your teeth and align your bite and smile to correct gaps, crowding, overlapping, and minor overbites and underbites. Depending on your smile goals and needs, clear attachments may also be placed on individual teeth, to refine your aligners’ ability to push, pull, or rotate individual teeth into position.

Clear aligners are removable, which means you can straighten your teeth without any disruption to how you normally eat, brush, and floss every day. Treatment time varies, though it is usually complete within 12 to 18 months when aligners are worn at least 20 to 22 hours a day. Once treatment is complete, Dr. Leslie will provide you with retainers to ensure your new smile won’t shift and stays in place.


Braces are a system of orthodontic appliances that strategically apply torque to your entire upper or lower arch of teeth, using a u-shaped wire (called an archwire) that is attached to bands around your molars and brackets on the fronts of your teeth. Because they are bonded to your teeth, braces apply consistent, gentle pressure to align your teeth and are especially effective at treating severe or complex cases.

Throughout the course of your treatment, Dr. Leslie will adjust, bend, or tighten your archwires, and, if needed, use rubber bands or springs to gradually bring your teeth into their more ideal alignment. Treatment time varies from patient to patient, and is generally completed within 18 to 36 months. Once your braces have been removed and new smile revealed, Dr. Leslie will fit you with a retainer to ensure your results are there to stay.


Retainers are simple orthodontic appliances that ensure your teeth stay in their new positions once your orthodontic treatment is complete. Depending on your situation and needs, Dr. Leslie will provide you with one or more retainers that are bonded to the back of your teeth or removable for routine cleaning. If a retainer from a previous treatment has been lost or damaged, Dr. Leslie can replace this with a new retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting out of place. For the best results of your orthodontic treatment, retainers are typically worn for several years or for life.

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