Orthodontic Treatment


With a passion for helping patients experience long-term oral health and results they love, Dr. Leslie consistently chooses proven methods to straighten teeth, establish proper bite, and support each patient’s unique goals and needs. Almost every person can benefit from some orthodontic treatment, though the type of treatment will be highly personal to each patient. Whether you are seeking limited aesthetic improvement or full comprehensive treatment, Dr. Leslie draws from her knowledge and expertise in evidence-based treatment to help you achieve results that ensure your long-term oral health as much as your satisfaction with your smile’s appearance.

Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders address differences in width between upper and lower jaws, and help make space in the upper jaws to accommodate your child’s tongue and teeth. As they work with your child’s natural skeletal development and malleability, palatal expanders are most effective when used before your child has stopped growing. An early orthodontic evaluation, preferably by age 7 or as soon as possible, can help ensure your child has access to this treatment in the most ideal time period.

Space Maintainers

Though they’ll eventually fall out, your child’s baby teeth are essential for the development of their speech, mastication (chewing), and the alignment of their adult teeth. A baby tooth that is missing congenitally or prematurely from tooth damage or decay leaves a gap in its place, which may make your child’s adult teeth drift into the open space. Dr. Leslie can fit your child with a fixed or removable space maintainer to promote the healthy alignment of your child’s emerging adult teeth and to prevent orthodontic issues from becoming more serious later on.


Braces are a system of brackets, bands, wires, rubber bands, and other orthodontic appliances that work together to bring your smile and bite into their most ideal vertical and horizontal alignment. Braces correct gaps, crookedness, overcrowding, crossbites, overbites, underbites, and other orthodontic complaints. Dr. Leslie will strategically adjust your orthodontic appliances to reposition your teeth during the course of your treatment, guided by advanced digital imaging technology, her high level of orthodontic expertise, and her promise to connect with each patient and help them achieve satisfying long-term results.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a series of nearly invisible removable trays. Clear aligners work by applying gentle pressure and sequentially moving teeth week-by-week toward their final position. While they are removable, they need to be worn 22 hours a day to achieve the programmed tooth movement. For many people, clear aligners may be very enticing when compared to traditional braces, however they're not for everyone. Dr. Leslie will discuss why you may or may not be a candidate to use clear aligners for your treatment.


Retainers are the final stage of orthodontic care and are crucial to maintain the treatment result. Dr. Leslie will provide you with a good fitting set of retainers which will need to be worn and cared for to prevent any changes or relapse in tooth movement. Retainers are for life! Just as your hair may grey, your eyes may worsen as you age, teeth will continue to want to shift throughout your entire life.

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