Orthodontic Treatment Is About Much More Than a Straight Smile

Lady in big hat smiling with braces

There is no greater asset than a perfect smile. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) reports that over one-third of adults are unhappy with their smiles. Nowadays it is not only common, but expected to see adults correcting their smile imperfections to improve their careers and relationships. Orthodontic treatment has several health benefits in addition to creating well-aligned teeth. There are long-lasting oral health benefits, including improving alignment of your teeth for better hygiene or jaw alignment. Whether you are looking to get clear braces or clear aligners, your dentist in Omaha, NE, can help dramatically change your quality of life.

Benefits of Orthodontics

There are several benefits to orthodontics in adulthood. Perhaps your crooked smile has always made you slightly self conscious. Or perhaps you underwent orthodontic treatment as a teenager but never wore your retainer. Many people, whether they have undergone braces or are newcomers, want to correct imperfections like crowding, gaps, or alignment. Others need braces to help prevent long-term dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease. Either way, orthodontic treatment offers numerous benefits besides simply straightening your teeth. Want to know more?

1. Better Brushing Habits

The truth is overlapped teeth or improperly aligned teeth are more prone to tooth decay. It is simply harder to brush and floss and reach those difficult areas when there is crowding. Braces properly align teeth with gentle pressure so there will be fewer areas that collect plaque and food debris which reduces your chances of cavities. This way you not only get a better smile, but improved overall health. Properly aligned teeth will reduce your risk for tooth decay and gum disease because there will be less plaque and food debris that can irritate your oral cavity.

2. Less Risk of Dental Injuries

If you have teeth that tend to ‘stick out’, you are more prone to injury when playing sports or just simply slipping and falling. It’s easier for protruding edges to take the brunt of the force and chip, crack, or break. When this occurs, you risk injuring or losing a tooth, which can be detrimental for your oral health and self-esteem.

3. Improved Confidence

Most adults undergoing orthodontic treatment are looking to improve their self-esteem and confidence. A great smile can impact a person’s life in many ways, including their careers and love life. There are several orthodontic treatment options for adults ranging from metal braces to clear aligners to help create a positive self-image. And before you say that you’re too old to undergo orthodontic treatment, the AAO estimates that 27% of all orthodontics patients in the U.S. and Canada are adults.

So what options do you have to create your ideal smile?

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Traditional Braces

More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, and metal braces are one way you can safely guide your teeth into the proper position for optimal oral health. Metal braces can help gently straighten teeth and align your jaw so you can comfortably eat, laugh, and smile. Today’s metal braces are more comfortable, smaller, and extremely effective.

Clear Braces

Some patients prefer clear braces as a more discreet look compared to metal braces. Clear or ceramic braces are less noticeable and have a great cosmetic appeal for many people. The main drawback is they can be more fragile.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are popular among older teens and adults because of their virtually invisible appearance and removable trays. Clear aligners are a great way to comfortably shift your teeth into the proper place while still allowing you to eat your favorite foods and clean your teeth properly. Everyone from social media influencers to Hollywood celebrities are wearing clear aligners to improve the health of their teeth and gums.

There is no greater gift to yourself than a beautiful smile! Orthodontic treatment will allow you to clean more thoroughly, smile more freely, and feel more confident and comfortable. When you invest in orthodontics, you are investing long-term in your overall dental and general health. If you’re ready to explore what a straighter smile might mean for you, schedule an appointment with our team at the Tooth Doc. We can’t wait to see your smile!