Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Child To the Dentist

Your child's dentist appointment can be stress free

Preparing to take your child to the dentist in those early years can come with a bit of anxiety and worry for both parents and child. Just as babies develop healthy attachments to familiar people, even younger children such as toddlers and preschoolers can react negatively to those they don’t know well. Add into the equation that your child’s pediatric dentist will have their hands in your child’s mouth during a children’s dentist appointment, and you might wonder how your child is going to behave and react. So, what do parents need to know to ensure the best possible experience during their trip to a dentist for children in Omaha, NE?

Preparing for a Children’s Dentist Appointment

Until a child is old enough to be comfortable going to the dentist, parents must put a bit of effort and prep work into the appointment. As we alluded to earlier, kids get nervous when they’re with someone they aren’t familiar with. This can lead to challenging behavior which can make it difficult for a successful appointment. That’s why we want to share four strategies that can make your children’s dental appointment a smoother one. If you’re wondering how to prep your child for a dentist appointment, we think these tips will help.

Four Tactics To Make for an Easier Children’s Dentist Appointment in Omaha, NE

1. Schedule children’s dentist appointments for the morning

Most kids behave better in the mornings after being well-fed and having had a good night’s sleep. Your child will be fresher and more alert in the morning. On top of that, they will not be as preoccupied with other activities that have already happened during the day — telling your child that they get to do something fun after their appointment can be far more motivating than taking them away from something that they wanted to keep doing.

2. Talk to your child about what to expect at the dentist

Children listen to the things their parents say, especially during those younger years. So, spend some time talking to your child about their trip to the dentist before it happens. Make the dentist’s office a topic of conversation at the dinner table the night before the appointment. Have the whole family join in the discussion and plant some seeds with older children and other adults that will be present so that they are prepared to share stories of their favorable experiences with the dentist. Before long, your child will start to feel a bit less anxious about their upcoming trip and might even start looking forward to sharing their own story later. In fact, your child might later have some tips for their parents about their trip to the dentist.

If your child loves watching videos and enjoys puppets, take a few minutes out of your day to show them some videos to help them relax about what to expect. Fun videos can make your kids more comfortable and can also reinforce why it is important to brush your teeth two times every day.

3. Be prepared with what to expect at your child’s first dental appointment

At The Tooth Doc, we believe that the need for oral care starts when your baby gets their first tooth. Becoming familiar with the dentist and the dental chair experience sooner than later will make it an easier and less stressful experience down the road. During your child’s first visit, the dentist will ask you, the parents, some questions regarding the child’s medical history. They’ll take time to get to know your child and will likely provide you with a tour of the dentist’s office. Though the dentist will also check your child’s tooth and gums to make sure everything is on track, this first visit is more about becoming familiar with one another than it is anything else. So don’t worry if less time is spent in the chair and more time is spent talking about what to expect for your child’s future oral care and oral health.

4. The Tooth Doc is not your typical children’s dentist

We believe we do things a bit differently at The Tooth Doc. Not only do we want to become your child’s dental home, but we take extra steps to ensure your child has a comfortable and positive experience during their children’s dentist appointment. For this reason, those looking online for the “best dentist near me” have discovered what’s essential to consider when choosing the best dentist in Omaha. We use the latest technology designed to make your child comfortable and to ensure they have a painless dental experience. Not only that, we make it easy for parents to afford dental care, even if they don’t have dental insurance. So why not pick a kid-friendly dentist at a dentist conveniently located near you in Omaha, NE?

Schedule Your Children’s Dentist Appointment at the Best Kids’ Dentist in Omaha, NE

The Tooth Doc is excited to meet you and your child! We encourage you to bring your child in for a dental visit every six months, starting after your child receives their first tooth. It’s easy to request an appointment online or give us a call at 402-397-8050. Help your child pave the way for great oral health by making their dental care a priority.