“I’m 25 and on a tight budget.  My teeth don’t hurt.  I’ve got more important things to spend my money on.  Do I really need to see you?”


Cavities don’t always give you a warning.  Sometimes you go to sleep feeling fine and then wake up in pain with a swollen face.  It never pays to put off regular check-ups. We have seen many patients in their mid-20‘s who have not been into the office in several years, admit they drink a lot of soda and energy drinks, and end up having several cavities, or worse. Fitting regular dentistry into your budget is a lot easier than an unexpected root canal.  And don’t think extracting the tooth is the cheap and easy way out… you pay every day for the rest of your life when you lose a tooth with decreased ability to chew, bite instability and lost confidence.  Many people get their first root canal in their twenties.  I know mom is not making your appointments for you anymore, but do the right thing by keeping regular dental visits a priority.