7 Tips for Organizing a Convenient Dental Calendar

Tips for scheduling your dental calendar

What To Do Before You Visit the Dentist

Are you planning your family’s dental calendar? Would you like some amazing tips to help you organize your appointments? Today we’ll look at some of the things you can do before your appointments scheduled into your dental calendar that will make your visits go a little smoother and help you get seen exactly when you want to be seen.

1. Make a list.

Before coming in for your appointment, we recommend you make a list of any questions you have about your family’s oral health or a particular dental procedure. Writing things down will give you a reference point for any questions you have so you don’t forget to mention anything important to your dentist. A list will help you keep track of which family member needs which treatments and also acts as a useful record for any symptoms you have noticed. 

2. Communicate with our team.

If you have time constraints or specific requests regarding your visits, let our team know when you’re scheduling your appointment. Mentioning exactly why you’re making the appointment will also ensure our team schedules you for the appropriate amount of time, and we can then suggest the best day of the week and time of day to accommodate that needed time slot.

3. Schedule your appointments at the beginning or end of the day.

Families who are on a time crunch may benefit from booking their visits early in the day. Since our team will see you first, you won’t have to worry about waiting or running behind. This also has the added benefit of getting your appointments out of the way so you can all get back to work or school or enjoy the rest of the day off—your choice. 

Make sure to get your dental calendar scheduled well in advance so you don’t miss getting these coveted time slots on your preferred day of the week. If your family isn’t a big fan of mornings or someone has an early work commute, schedule end-of-day visits instead. It will make showing up on time for your appointments so much easier. 

4. Call ahead.

Regardless of what time of day you decide to schedule your appointments, it always pays to call ahead. Sometimes people cancel, so you may be able to get in earlier if you choose. 

Additionally, because appointment lengths are an approximation, if the period of time allotted for a single dentist visit  runs over by even 15 minutes, it can affect the other appointments for that day. Calling your dentist’s office an hour or so before your appointment can help you confirm whether they’re still on schedule. This way, you’ll avoid arriving too early or waiting longer than you’d like.

5. Arrive prepared.

Is this your first appointment at our practice? You’ll probably need to fill out some forms. Instead of having to do that on the day of your appointment, ask us to send you the paperwork ahead of time, or arrive at least 15 minutes early. You won’t cut into your appointment time completing the required information and can avoid delays when it’s your turn. 

If you are an existing patient with a change in health history or contact information since your last visit, you might need to update your forms as well. Contact our team before your appointment so we can update this information before you arrive. Make sure to bring your current insurance card and ID so that administrative procedures don’t cause any delays.

6. Schedule follow-ups right away.

Take a quick look at your family’s schedule six months from your appointment date. Can you identify a date and time you prefer for your next dental visits? If you have an emergency dental visit and may need a follow-up, what’s the most convenient time of day for you? By already having an idea of what times would work for you, you can schedule your next appointment right away so you can be seen exactly when you want.

7. Get everything you need done in one appointment.

Perhaps the easiest way to simplify your dental calendar is to get all your family’s oral care evaluations and needed treatments done on the same day. This way, you only have to coordinate schedules and time off of work around one block of time versus over multiple days or weeks.

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