6 Ways The Tooth Doc Is Life-Changing for People with Dental Anxiety

We help ease your dental anxiety

Do you suffer from dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a serious issue that can make visiting the dentist a difficult experience or even cause patients to put off necessary care. It affects patients of all ages and can be particularly difficult for children.

Uncover six key reasons that The Tooth Doc, the best dentist in Omaha, NE, is an ideal place to seek treatment if you suffer from dental anxiety.

1. Compassionate Care for Every Patient

At The Tooth Doc, you receive care from compassionate staff who take the time to get to know you and your unique needs. We take pride in helping our patients remain calm and comfortable during their visits and have carefully developed our methods for doing so.

You can always discuss any concerns you have about treatment with our staff. We understand dental procedures that many patients consider routine can be intimidating for people with dental anxiety. Hearing your concerns and working through them is an integral part of how we provide care.

We also focus on clear and open communication. You’ll always know what to expect from individual procedures to your treatment plan. We walk you through each step so you don’t encounter any surprises that might induce anxiety or fear.

2. Experience Dealing with Dental Anxiety in Children

Dental anxiety can affect patients of all ages. However, dealing with dental anxiety in children poses a unique problem. At The Tooth Doc, we have years of experience working with children and parents to provide a comfortable treatment experience and achieve the best oral health outcomes.

Putting off any required treatment due to dental anxiety can have serious consequences. In most cases, your child will need more invasive treatment if any dental issue is left untreated. Working with The Tooth Doc to mitigate dental anxiety today will allow you to minimize the intensity of the treatment your child needs.

We take a special approach to communication with children through a practice we’ve developed to put them at ease regarding dental treatment. Combined with the warm and welcoming environment our practice offers, this helps assuage dental anxiety in most children. Sedation dentistry is another option for more severe cases of dental anxiety.

3. The Latest Dental Technology

Dealing with dental anxiety isn’t just a matter of adjusting communication and care but is also about choosing the right treatments. At The Tooth Doc, we use the latest dental technology to provide treatment options that are less invasive and easier to bear for people with dental anxiety.

Same-day crowns are one example of how modern treatment options improve your patient experience. Instead of requiring treatment over multiple visits, same-day crowns can be placed in just one appointment. Improvements, such as digital impressions, further increase the comfort of your treatment.

4. Comprehensive Care Under One Roof

Dental anxiety is about more than fear of treatments and procedures. It also involves communication with dentists and their staff. Getting to know your dentist and sticking to one practice can help alleviate that anxiety. Being referred to an outside specialist puts people with dental anxiety in an unfamiliar—and potentially stressful—situation.

At The Tooth Doc, we provide a comprehensive range of treatment options so you can get more of your family’s dental care under one roof. Alongside routine preventive care, we offer cosmetic and restorative treatments. Our pediatric dental services support your child’s development at any age.

5. Sedation Dentistry Options

Most dental procedures can be safely completed using only local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. However, this doesn’t do anything to calm or relax people with dental anxiety. The Tooth Doc provides additional sedation dentistry options to improve your patient experience.

Both oral sedation using a pill and nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas) are available. We will discuss your sedation dentistry needs in advance to determine which option is right for you.

6. Proven Experience in Providing Exceptional Care

Of course, there’s no need for you to simply take our word for it. You can check out firsthand accounts of what we have to offer by reading the many reviews from our patients. You should also ask friends and family if they’ve visited The Tooth Doc and what their experiences were like.

We’re also proud to say that we are a top dentist on Nextdoor, with many patients from the community recommending our compassionate care and high-quality treatment options.

A New Home for Your Family’s Dental Needs

The Tooth Doc offers a full range of dental treatments to meet all of your and your family’s dental needs, from routine care to restorative procedures. You can schedule your first appointment today to find out more about why The Tooth Doc is the best dentist in Omaha, NE.