6 Reasons You’re Never Too Old for Braces

Too Old for Braces - Think Again

Braces aren’t just for kids! Learn how you can benefit from orthodontic care as an adult.

Kids aren’t the only age group that benefits from braces and orthodontic care. A growing number of adults are seeking orthodontic care to straighten their teeth and fix their bite alignment issues. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists found that one in four orthodontic patients today are adults.

If you’re unhappy with how your teeth are positioned and spaced, you don’t need to settle. You can fix your smile and gain all of the same advantages that come with orthodontic care, including a whole new level of self-confidence.

Check out these 6 facts about straightening your teeth as an adult, and learn how adult orthodontic care can help you.

1. Straightening adult teeth takes a little longer, but clear aligners often speed up the process.

Age isn’t a factor when considering if an individual can get orthodontic treatment. Rather, it comes down to the health of the individual and how extensive their alignment issues are. However, you will find that straightening your teeth as an adult tends to take a little longer to get the results you want compared to if you were a child or a young teen.

Most adults will be happy to know that clear aligners lead to faster straightening than traditional metal braces. Invisalign patients with mild straightening needs can be done with treatment in as few as six months.

2. Clear aligners make it virtually impossible to tell if you’re straightening your teeth.

Clear aligners, like the Invisalign brand, are popular for how discreet they look. The average person won’t be able to tell you’re wearing them during normal conversations. Unless you’d like to share your excitement about straightening your teeth, there’s no reason others around you need to know.

Clear aligners are also much more effective than they were previously. It’s quite possible to address certain misalignment issues with them now compared to years past when traditional metal braces may have been the only option.

3. A straight, well-aligned smile is directly connected to success in nearly all facets of life.

Having a smile you love really boosts your confidence, but it also has a positive effect on those around you. Studies show that a bright, straight smile is linked to greater success professionally and personally, in terms of relationships (both familial and romantic).

Additional research also supports that the more someone smiles, the greater success they experience in life. The happier you are with your smile, the more you’re going to want to share it. In this way, straightening your teeth will very likely leave you smiling more than you ever did before.

4. Orthodontic care is just as much about improving function as it is about improving aesthetics.

Straightening your teeth definitely has aesthetic benefits, but it isn’t purely a cosmetic form of treatment, either.

Straight, well-spaced teeth make it easier to keep your teeth clean, as it eliminates little nooks and crannies where food debris may be trapped. Trapped food debris promotes bacteria growth, which, in turn, leads to tooth decay. By straightening your teeth, you’re actually reducing your chances of developing cavities and even gum disease.

5. Clear aligners won’t affect your current lifestyle and diet as much as you might think.

If you had braces as a kid or if your child has traditional braces, you might balk at the idea of changing your diet just to have straight teeth. Good news! Clear aligners essentially negate the need to change up your current diet and lifestyle.

Since you can remove your aligners when eating, there’s no need to eliminate certain foods from your normal diet. This also means you can still enjoy dinners, date nights, and social events with friends without much worry. You can remove your aligners for a combined total of about four hours a day, although two hours maximum is best for quick results.

6. Orthodontic care can still be a possibility, even when you have gum disease.

Gum disease affects approximately half of adults in America, according to the CDC. If you have gingivitis or another mild form of gum disease, you don’t necessarily need to give up on your dream of straightening your teeth.

If your gum disease is being treated and no permanent damage has occurred, it’s possible to get clear aligners. Clear aligners are a great choice for those with mild gum disease, as it makes it easy to thoroughly floss and brush your teeth, which are two critical aspects of recovering from gingivitis.

Whether or not you can get clear aligners with gum disease is very much determined on an individual basis. During your orthodontic consultation, your dentist will give you an accurate answer.

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